Messages from TSRI


Prof. Dale L. Boger

It is wonderful that the TSRI alumni association of Japan  has grown to such an extent and that it has organized its first formal meeting!  We are very pleased with and honored by the past and present students, postdoctoral associates, and senior research associates that we have had  the opportunity to work with.  We wish we were there to celebrate your first formal meeting!

Dale L. Boger, Ph. D

Prof. Kim D. Janda 

I was most pleased to have Drs. Ikuo Fujii, Yoshito Abe, Taketoshi Fujimori, Akira Harada, Manabu Hori, Kiyoshi Ikeda, Shoji Ikeda, Shigeki Isomura, Hajime Ito, Kazuhiro Matsui, Mitsuya Sakurai, Osamu Shimomura, Noboru Yamamoto, and Kazuhiro Yoshida, work in my research group. Each of these research colleagues was very special to me and I very much enjoyed the time spend with these former group members. Again, I want to wish all of my Japanese colleagues the best, and I hope we can all see each other soon. Please have a drink on my behalf….kanpai!

Kim D. Janda, Ph.D

Prof. K. C. Nicolaou

It gives me great pleasure to salute for your efforts to keep the TSRI spirit alive in Japan and to keep us in La Jolla informed of your activities. We had a wonderful association with you during your stay at TSRI and we always remember with fondness the wonderful times we had together. Needless to say, we are very proud of you and are constantly watching your scientific and professional growth. It was a privilege hosting you in our Laboratories and a pleasure to see your many discoveries in the journals and photos of you and your families.
You have our very best wished as we enter the 2004 holiday season and a Happy New Year 2005!

K. C. Nicolaou, Ph.D

Prof. Chi-Huey Wong

Congratulations on the establishment of the Japan-Scripps Alumni Biomedical Forum! I am surprised but very pleased to know that there are so many Scripps’ alumni working in Japan now. This Forum will certainly provide better opportunities for communication and I hope that you will have a wonderful time.

Chi-Huey Wong, Ph.D